Hello and welcome to Draw You Close.

Welcome to Draw You Close.

I started this company to help people understand a lifestyle and, not spend a ton of money doing so. Why shop at a "Big box store" spend a ton of money walking out with only a few items, that money can and will go a lot further then you think. Most of the products that I sell are made in Maine. 


Benches, Paddles and More restraints!! 

Plus we will be looking at some collars that we can custom size just for you! Buy a box and get an extra oil on us. 

Draw You Close

Spark the Romance

Welcome to Draw you close. This was started to try and bring the romance back into a relationship. Or to help make the one your with feel spoiled and loved.

Why should you?

The real question is why shouldn't you? Well the answer is simple. Who does not want to know that they are special and loved, what a better way than to make a night all about them. 

The night is yours!

Live in the moment, enjoy the night with the one you that makes you smile. Why not bring out the smile in both of you. When you're in the bathroom or the bedroom, make the night or day one to remember to have fun while making a memory.


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We love our customers, so feel free to drop us a line and see what I can do to help you re-spark the romance. 

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